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Welcome to the Waterford Public Library

As we are celebrating the library’s 120th Anniversary this year, it seems appropriate to take this opportunity to make some meaningful changes to how we present ourselves to our patrons. These changes include a new logo and slogan as well as a  webpage that is optimized for smartphones and tablets. We have been working with our partner, Kilakwa Associates for close to a year on a design that provides all the info you need about the library with no unnecessary clutter!  Please take it for a spin and let us know what you think! We value your input and hope that you will engage with us in whatever method you are most comfortable, whether it be through email, social media or by coming to the library in person.

We appreciate your support these many years, and look forward to providing you and your neighbors with more of the same in the years ahead. Indeed, let’s all “Know and Grow, for the Journey Ahead”!